AVIS Bora Bora

Avis Bora Bora

Car rental leader on Bora Bora, we are also the first company to rent electric cars in French Polynesia.

We propose a large set of vehicles to let you visit the island, just as you want. Wilna, Moe, Fenissia, Wilsei and Larissa will be pleased to help you to organize your tour of the island and discover its treasures

Free pick-up and drop-off from anywhere on the island.

Enjoy your visit !

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Equipe et management

Avis Bora Bora est une entreprise familiale composée de 10 collaborateurs qui a adopté des modes de management modernes en mettant en avant l'autonomie et l'épanouissement de ses employés.

Notre équipe polynésienne a comme volonté de fournir un service mettant en avant la qualité de la relation client.

Nous cultivons le bien-être de nos collaborateurs et de nos clients.

Projets et engagements

L'innovation et le developpement durable font partie de notre ADN, ainsi Avis Bora Bora développe de nombreux projets pour se démarquer et offrir un service de qualité à nos clients. Voici quelques projets majeurs qu en ous avosn mis en place :

  • Véhicules électriques
  • Bora Bora Explorer
  • Potager solidaire pour l'équipe
  • Sponsoring de la campagne de stérilisation Bora Bor Animara

Application 'Bora Explorer'

Avis Bora Bora has developped "Bora Explorer". An iPhone application that will guide you to explore all good address an activites in Bora Bora.

  • An map and nagigation system working off-line.

  • Augmented reality view to see points on interest in front of you


Frequently updated with all good addresses: touristic sites, hotels, restaurants, shopping, markets, gaz station, beaches, hikes ...

  • Detailed information on each point of interest, open hours, phone numbers, website, legends...


  • Companion for AVIS customers on rental and vehicles

  • Free App available on App Store

To download the application Get it

A Fun Car powered with solar energy

For the time in French Polynesia and since april the 27th 2015, Avis Bora Bora has launched new electric fun cars 100% charged with solar energy.

The electricity from the local network is produced with generators. Using this energy coming from gasoline for our electric cars was nonsense.

That is why we have decided to install 44 solar panels on our depot (approx 75 square meters of panels). This installation has a capacity of 11 kWc, which means that when the weather is good we can produce 35 kWh. This enables us to charge 6 Twizys completely in one day.

During the day, our vehicles are charged directly with the energy we produce and we sell back the excess production to the local network. If the production is nt sufficient or if we have cars returning at the end of the day, we charge our vehicles the night buying the electricity from the network

After one year of exploitation we have a positive balance, as we produced 1,6 times our consumption of electricity. 11 000 kWH of production for 7 000 kWh of consumption.

Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning this project and to visit our installation if you are interested in this project !!!

The Renault Twizy is a vehicle specially adapted to Bora Bora.

For this project we have chosen the Renault Twizy 45. It is a fun vehicle, really pleasant to drive and its characteristic really suit to the needs of our customers on Bora Bora.

Limited to 45 km/h and without license, it enables to visit the island Bora Bora freely in a secure and eco-friendly manner.

It is easy to drive and it is perfect to enjoy Bora Bora amazing landscapes without any noise. Come to try it !!!

Contact us

We are available for any specific request as groups, companies partnership, departures and returns ouside operating hours...

Please do not hesitate to contact us !!!

Map of Vaitape



Bora Bora Rent a Car

Phone : (+689) 40 67 70 15

Fax : 40 67 79 95

Mail : contact@avis-borabora.com

BP 246 - Vaitape - 98730 - Bora Bora

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Vaitape Office

Our office in Vaitape is only 100 meters from the dock where arrive airport’s shuttles and cruise ships tenders.
Easily accessible in the city, it is the closest office for Hilton, Pearl Beach, Four Seasons, Méridien hotels, ... [Map]

Matira Office

Our office in Matira is located between the intercontinental and the Mai Tai Polynesia. It is also easily reachable by walking from the Temanuata village, Matira hotel and other pensions in Matira. [Map]

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AVIS Bora Bora
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